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Winter should pay attention to the solar greenhouse net film


In the production of solar greenhouses, net membranes are often overlooked by producers. They are: First, some people often use old membranes, and their light transmission rate is extremely poor. Second, they cannot adhere to daily clean membranes, and rarely scrub dust regularly, and some even After shedding the straw curtain, she does not lightly sweep grass clippings. Third, the greenhouse is built near roads or factories that are prone to dust and smoke. There are two main reasons for the existence of the above phenomenon: First, there is insufficient understanding of the importance of clean film, and second, it is troublesome.

Solar greenhouses are dominated by winter production, and winter is the season with the shortest sunshine duration in a year. Originally, the light intensity in the natural world is much lower than in Other seasons. With the absorption and reflection of the film, the light in the room is very limited. For solanaceous vegetables and melon vegetables, the sunlight in the greenhouse in winter generally does not reach its saturation point, and sometimes it does not reach the point of light compensation, indicating that light is the bottleneck that restricts anti-season agricultural production. If the light is insufficient, applying more fertilizer or taking other measures is futile, even if the temperature is too low, the frozen particles will not be collected due to lack of light.

In general, sunlight is the sole source of heat in sunlight greenhouses. With the existing insulation conditions, it is necessary to increase the utilization of solar energy by further increasing the illumination and temperature in the greenhouse. The cleanliness of the new non-dot film is 70-80% light transmittance. If the pollution, aging, adsorption of water droplets or dust will lose 20%, and some even exceed 50%. Therefore, the producers must change the membranes of the thermophilic vegetables such as eggplants and melons, and change them once a year. Pay attention to keeping the film clean, insist on cleaning the curtain every day, clean the grass clippings, etc., and periodically scrub the dust according to the situation. If there are water droplets on the inner wall of the film, it should be removed. This will increase the light transmittance by 15%.

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